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On a mission to improve the way people exercise

We are tackling a market of 80M+ homes that are willing to hear about VOLAVA

Volava was born to make fitness more accesible, convenient and fun. We combine hardware, software and content to elevate the experience of exercising.

Volava is offering an exlusive yet affordable soltuion for exercising at home. With our lifestyles demanding more time for working, family and wellness we propose a solution that meets with the schedules of everyone.

The most innovative training for your home

Training at home

Get a premium boutique
class experience from
the comfort of your
home, anytime.

Live and On-demand classes

Volavas’ products allow you to get
into more than 1,000 classes live or
on demand. Enjoy your favourite
instructor, music type or difficulty.
At your own pace.

Ride with other users

Be part of the Volava exclusive
community. You can compete,
interact and ride woth your
friends. Our leaderboard makes
you feel like in class.

Coming in 3 categories…and much more to come




Let’s build the future of fitness together

Be part of the story of a company you believe in.

Let’s inspire and revoltion hoy people exercise around the world, with technology

If we unify our efforts, and we continue to innovate at these speed, everyone could enjoy an extra income in upcoming years