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Volava Smart Run
Volava Smart Run
Volava Smart Run
Volava Smart Run
Volava Smart Run
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Volava Smart Run


or starting at €35/month in 37 payments (0% interest)

39 EUR monthly membership to content separate

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With this treadmill nothing will stop you

Designed for maximum size, its 45x130 cm surface is ready for your biggest challenges. Set a goal and adjust the speed up to 19 km/h. Your challenges, your rules.

Compact and foldable

Easy to assemble and disassemble, the Volava Run treadmill lets you clear out your workout area after every session. This ensures you have no excuse not to work out.


Technical specifications

Length: 167 cm

Height: 63 cm
Width: 115 cm
Weight: 70 Kg
Speed: 1-18 km/h
Maximum weight: 100kg
Running area: 45 x 130 cm
Engine Power: 1,5CV
Safety switch on the control panel
Surge protector fuse in the treadmill's internal system
Foldable to be stored in a vertical position
LED Monitor
One single button

1 x Pulsómetro Bluetooth 

No incluye pantalla

Quick and easy assembly

Home delivery

2 years of guarantee

24/7 technical service

Easy maintenance

You can finance your Volava!


You can download the Instruction Manualhere.

No, the Smart Bike requires a simple installation. It can be done by one person, has assembly instructions and can be done in about 15-20 minutes.

Depende del peso del usuario, pero recomendamos un uso máximo moderado de 7 a 10 sesiones semanales.

No, our Volava screen is only compatible with our own system, which is why it is not possible to link it to other platforms or applications. It also does not serve as an internet browser or TV monitor.
The bike requires minimal maintenance, we recommend cleaning after each use with a damp cloth, before cleaning, disconnect the connector from the mains Sometimes the pedals can become loose due to use and make a slight noise (clacking). This is why we recommend that every 5-10 uses you adjust them using the small tool you will receive with the bike, by turning counter-clockwise.

The maximum weight supported is 110 kg.

The weight of the flywheel is 6 kg, but the real feel is equivalent to a lot more weight thanks to the magnetic brake and drive system.

The minimum height is 83 cm and the maximum saddle height is 105 cm.

When accessing the live and on-demand classes, the instructors will give the class directions as if you were at a gym. During the classes, they indicate the pace, which is the pedaling speed, and the appropriate resistance for each section of the session. You can choose classes according to the duration (20, 30 or 45 minutes), instructor, type of session (advanced, intermediate or beginner), style of music, difficulty and rating. On the display you will see your heart rate values and information on the calories burned, pace (RPM), power (Watts), distance and endurance. The information is displayed in real time, and your position and that of other users performing the exercise in the ranking is always indicated for better monitoring of the session and greater motivation. If you repeat a session, you’ll also see your previous ranking and you’ll be competing against yourself as well. We offer classes for all types of users, from beginners to those looking for a high performance workout, just choose the session that best suits you at any given moment.

El precio de la suscripción Premium de Volava es de 39€ mensuales. Una suscripción incluye hasta 5 perfiles.

¡Con una única suscripción todos en casa podréis disfrutar del deporte volava!

Descarga la App de Volava disponible en IOS y Android, y date de alta desde el área de clientes de la web. ¡Te ofrecemos 30 días de acceso gratuito a las clases!

En la App Volava , además de tus clases de Running y Walking , también podrás acceder a las clases de las otras disciplinas Volava: Fuerza,Boxing, Cycling, Yoga, CardioHIIT, Estiramientos, Dancing y Meditación.

No esperes más para formar parte del Equipo Volava. ¡Disfruta del Deporte!

The Volava bicycle technology is designed to perform live and on-demand classes. However, you can access our panoramic tours of cities around the world for free via ""Scenic"", where you can pedal at your own pace. You will be able to see the classification and all the values, such as resistance, pace, distance, calories burned, heart rate and power. You can hide any value that you don't want to be shown on the screen.

You can change the card details associated with your subscription by entering our website www.volava.com in the "Clients Area”With the username and password you use to enter your user profile. When entering your account in the upper menu you will find the option “Billing” where you can modify the card details at any time

Of course! If you already have your bike and you just want to see the classes live and on demand, you can download the Volava App, available forIOSandAndroid.

To link your heart rate monitor you must have it on before opening the App. When you choose a session the App will link both your Smart Bike and your heart rate monitor. The option "Available devices" will appear, where you must choose the ID number of your heart rate monitor, you will find it behind the plate of your heart rate monitor (eg IDXXXX), when selecting it it will be linked to your profile.
Make sure the strap of the heart rate monitor is always in contact with the skin.
It is important to respect the direction of the plate, on the back it is indicated by the letters R (right) and L (left).

It is compatible with heart rate monitors with a Bluetooth connection. It is not compatible with watches.

It turns on automatically when plugged in. We recommend unplugging it after each use.

Los equipos Volava están fabricados para ser utilizados en unas condiciones ambientales de interior “normales”. Por este motivo, los equipos Volava no son adecuados para ser utilizados al aire libre o en un entorno no controlado, como pueden ser un garaje, un porche cubierto o un sótano sin acabar.

From the option SEE PROFILE in the menu of your avatar you can check the history of your classes, in each session your data and statistics will be saved.

Accessing your Avatar in the "Edit Profile" option and touching your avatar you can choose to take a photo or select one from your photo gallery.

From the Volava application you will have access to see all the classes live and on demand. In addition, you can choose from the library a great variety of classes to choose from by duration, difficulty, instructor or style of music.
Starting with classes for beginners to advanced sessions for those with more experience in the world of cycling. Volava offers an experience adapted to all user levels.

You have a period of 14 days from the delivery date to request a return to customers@volava.com

You must send the package with all the original packaging in perfect condition. The shipping costs for returns are paid by the customer.
Once the product is in our warehouses and we have verified that it is in the same state in which it was delivered, we will proceed to return the indicated amount through the same form of payment in which you placed your order. If any item is missing, it will be deducted from the amount to be returned.