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It is owned by Volava S.L., located at SANT MARIUS 51, 08022, Barcelona, ​​with CIF B67087718 In case of any questions or doubts, you can contact us through our Customer Service email

The General Contracting Conditions inform you of the rights and obligations granted by this APP, as a user of this, therefore, we suggest that you READ CAREFULLY all our legal conditions and policies, since the use of our services implies your total acceptance.

The contents described in our APP offer true and exact information about our services. In the event of any change, as well as any modification of our General Contract Conditions, you will be informed through the App.
In the event that any of the terms of the General Contracting Conditions is declared illegal or not enforceable by a judicial decision, the other provisions will remain in force.

VOLAVA APP, is an interactive application designed for personal care through fitness exercises at your home. With it you can:

Take live training classes that are taking place live, or join once it has already started.
Carry out training classes that have been previously recorded and that are planned and reproduced as if it were a live class.
See the lists of featured sessions and be able to play them back.
Pair a heart rate monitor and see the instant heart rate, in addition to seeing the calorie consumption per session.
See the historic data of sessions carried out.
Assessment of the difficulty of the sessions and their degree of satisfaction.
In addition to these functionalities, with the use of the VOLAVA Bicycle you can:
View the monthly history of training sessions.
Enjoy evaluations through graphs of our sessions.
Take panoramic tours, which you can enjoy as if you were abroad, while pedaling at your own pace.
In addition to enjoying technical service and a two-year warranty.

The user is fully responsible for the accuracy of the data entered both in the registration and during the use of the APP. Any type of falsehood can have legal consequences.

Registration process in the App:

Mobile App:

Only those over 18 years of age who have the necessary legal capacity to subscribe may acquire the status of user. In the case of being minors, you will need authorization from the parents or guardians.
The user who wants to use our service must proceed to download the APP, available for both IOS and Android.
You can use the App without registering, but in order to enjoy all the functionalities and especially the viewing of training videos, you must proceed to registration. The data that you must provide us with are the following: name and email.

Bike app:

Only those over 18 years of age who have the necessary legal capacity to subscribe may acquire the status of user. In the case of being minors, you will need authorization from the parents or guardians.
It will be necessary to register to use the services of the App associated with our bicycle. To register you must provide us with the following information: name, email, population, height, weight, beats per minute at rest, profile photograph. (Remember that in order for us to use the data related to your performance or health we need your consent by checking the box for this)
Also, if you want to have information on the kcal consumed you can connect your heart rate monitor to the Tablet or to the exercise bike.

Purchase process of the VOLAVA Bike or PREMIUM services:
Buy the VOLAVA Bike

To carry out the purchase you must contact us through our phone +34 938 536 184 or through our website
The payment of the product can be carried out through MasterCard, Visa or PayPal.

Hiring PREMIUM Services
In the case of PREMIUM APP User: This type of user pays the PREMIUM fee and has full access to all the functionalities of the APP.
In the case of PREMIUM BIKE User: In this case, the PREMIUM fee will be paid and will be able to access all the functionalities of the VOLAVA Bicycle Tablet.
In addition, there is the possibility of a FREE User: It does not have any type of cost, so you will not be able to access all the videos or functionalities.

The prices set on the website are indicated in euros including VAT on each of them.
The Retail Price of the item will always be indicated at the time the Internet user has completed the shopping cart, and the customer will be informed of the final price of their purchase before validating the payment. Prices may change at any time, but possible changes will not affect orders or purchases for which the user has already received an order confirmation.
Purchases destined for any of the territories of the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Gibraltar and Andorra, regardless of the billing address, will be exempt from VAT, in accordance with current regulations on this matter.

Delivery period: once your order and availability have been confirmed, the bicycle will be delivered in the period of time indicated when placing your order.

From Volava we will send you an email with the shipment tracking number.
Place of delivery: Delivery and installation will be done at your home address.

Remember that it is necessary to have a good Internet connection for the correct operation of the application.
Important: In case of difficult access conditions (narrow stairs, no elevator, etc.) there may be additional charges in the shipment, if you have questions please contact customer service before.

The user will have the right to return the bicycle within a maximum period of 14 calendar days if he is not satisfied with our VOLAVA Bike or PREMIUM Service.

The receipt or invoice of the purchase must be presented.
The term will begin to count:

From the day of contracting the PREMIUM Service.
From the day of delivery of the product, if we talk about the VOLAVA Bike.
The term will begin to count from the day of delivery of the product, if we talk about the VOLAVA Bike.

VERY IMPORTANT: Mandatory conditions for equipment returns

Contact customer service on the phone +34 938536184. Not by email.
Customer service will manage your return request, we will coordinate with you and our transport company a collection schedule.
Pack and prepare the package
Prepare the product with all the original packaging and transport pallet. Enter a copy of the invoice. You will receive an SMS or email from the Carrier confirming the date of collection of your return.
Deliver to Carrier
On the indicated date, the carrier will visit your home to make the collection, if not, you can contact Att the Customer to reschedule a new collection.
Refund or product exchange
As soon as the package arrives at our warehouses and we check that the packaging, the bike and the accessories are in perfect condition, the full amount of your purchase will be reimbursed through the payment method you used in the purchase.
Refusal of return or charges to return: IMPORTANT: If the packaging, the equipment or accessories are returned with missing parts, or broken, or with signs of misuse, VOLAVA SL reserves the right to reject the return or to charge to repair / replace such parts, at its sole discretion.

VOLAVA will not be responsible for a misinterpretation of the information contained in the APP. The information we provide is indicative of your performance through the use of our Bicycle and App. In no case is it information comparable to medical or other recommendations about your health or physical condition.
Likewise, it will not be responsible for indirect damages, losses and exploitation or loss of profits occurred by whatever means.
In the event of a dispute, the user may first contact VOLAVA to reach an amicable resolution. Failing that, the Courts of Barcelona.
These General Contracting Conditions in Spanish will be executed and interpreted in accordance with Spanish legislation, legislation to which the parties expressly submit.