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Welcome to the Volava blog!

It is a pleasure to greet you here, Volva team. We open a new place to chat and tell you all the news, tips, tricks that are related to the Volava world, fitness and health. 

What is Volava about? 

Volava is a new way of training at home. We have the most complete fitness application on the Spanish market so you can train like never before. With our application you can follow fitness sessions, both live and on demand from the comfort of your home.

But do not think that you will be alone because from wherever you are, a huge community will accompany you, along with our instructors so that day after day you get a better version of yourself. 

At the moment you will find 60 new live sessions every week from 10 different disciplines: Cycling, Running, Boxing, Walking, Yoga, Stretching, Meditation, Dancing, Cardio HIIT and Strength. All and this and much more within the Volava App. 

Also, discover each and every one of our products in the Web. Once you try them, you are sure to fall in love. 

Are you ready for the full Volava experience?

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